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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Mermaids vs Unicorns Makeup Revolution

Just before Christmas one of my local chemists stocked up on Makeup Revolution but after just a few days they were nearly sold out, I was lucky enough to pick up the Mermaids vs Unicorns Redemption Palette which I had been eyeing up on their website for some time.

It was €8.95 which I thought was a great price but you would probably get it cheaper online, I couldn't wait to try it but with no time and no natural light I had to wait a few weeks and then I had some fun.

First off I started with a nice clean face, I used the Benefit Triple Performing oil-free moisturiser and the Benefit It's Potent! eye cream.

Once they had settled into my skin I used the Benefit That Gal brightening face primer, and a little bit of Porefessional.

Again I let them settle before moving onto my foundation. I used the NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat in their lightest shade Ivory as I am very pale. I have been using this foundation for about 2 months now and I love it, it's oil free, easy to put on, you can go with a brush or your fingertips. I like it light for work but you can also build it up for more coverage.

As I had no plans to go anywhere and just wanted to play around I went for two different eye looks a Unicorn and a Mermaid. Now I messed up the eyeliner a bit using the pink and purples which is why that eye is a bit smudged but I love love love this palette, it is so pigmented it didn't take much to cover my eyelid and build up the colours. The shadows had glitter in them too which I loved, not huge amounts of glitter but it made my eyelids sparkle and shimmer nicely.

And yes I spent most of the day with swatches on my arm because it just looked so pretty I didn't want to take it off!

I finished off the look with NYX eyeliner, Rimmel Wake Me Up Mascara and Benefit Dandelion Lip Gloss.

I picked up the four Benefit products on Boots for €20 just after Christmas when they had a special offer on. I love getting mini products to try out first before I get a full size and when it comes to Benefit their minis go a long way.

I had great fun trying out this palette, I think the blues are my favourite they are so bright and pretty, I definitely need to play around with it more. Naturally I took about a million pictures and a tonne of selfies and I'm glad because it gave me a new profile for the revamp of my blog and its a little bit different, just like me.

Have you tried any of these products before, what are your favourites?

(All products featured in this post were purchased by myself, I am sharing them because I genuinely like using them.)

Monday, 1 February 2016

Where Have I Been?

Well hello, yes I am alive, I have been lurking in the shadows of the blogging world for a few months now while I figured out where I was going with it all. I suppose blogging sounds very straight forward, and in some ways it is, you pick a topic you like and you write about it! But then the press releases start coming in and all of the talk of stats and numbers comes up and suddenly you feel like you have to do more. What was once an enjoyable pastime now feels like a full time job with no pay.

Obviously this isn't the case for everyone but it was how I had begun to feel.

When I first started I had no knowledge of the blogging world, I knew nothing about the different kinds of bloggers, mommy/beauty/travel/food etc. I didn't really know where I fit in, as I have kids I thought I would focus a bit more on them and so I got a bit stuck with the mommy blogger label. I didn't mind at first because it was nice to be part of a community and I have made lifelong friends as a result, but I struggled with it. As much as I love my kids I needed a hobby outside of being a Mom but I found it hard to break into the other niches, I think at this point I struggled more with myself than anything else.

So where did I go?

I set up a new blog called Beauty, Books and Coffee under a new name Ruby Lace, and I also set up a slightly anonymous blog called The Doodle Fairy for things related to the girls and crafty stuff. I couldn't leave blogging altogether but I wanted to explore my options. Now I didn't get much done with either of them as shortly after I started a new job and that kept me busy right up until now.

What did I learn?

I learnt why I started blogging in the first place, for myself! I'm not writing to meet anyone else’s needs other than my own. Blogging is an outlet for me, it’s a place to just be myself, try new things and tell the world about it. If the world wants to hear about it great, if only 1 person reads it great!

Why didn't I stay anonymous?

Simple answer, I missed the community. It was easy to be myself in my posts but harder to be myself when interacting, here were people I already knew but they didn't have a notion it was me (well maybe a few did lol). It was quite lonely and so I made the decision to give this blog, my original blog a new lease of life, it’s been around for so long after all it would be a shame to lose it all.

What can you expect to find here?

It's all in the name, Where is my Mind, I have no idea what you will find here, a little bit of everything, whatever I'm thinking on any given day, depending on my mood and how hungry I am. I will write about books I'm reading and makeup I'm trying, pictures I'm drawing, songs I'm listening to and Netflix shows I'm watching. A little glimpse into my life is guaranteed as I can’t be me without sharing the everyday things that are happening.

So I hope you are glad to have me back, I am certainly glad to be back and I look forward to seeing how this year goes. 2015 brought a lot of new opportunities and new adventures, and as this year I will be turning 30 I can only imagine it will be just as exciting and I look forward to sharing it with you all.

PS: Nope still no chance of me coming up with a regular posting schedule, my head is away with the fairies half the time so I'm making no promises, family and work come first, blog is for downtime.