Friday, 31 July 2015

Netflix Recommendations #StreamTeam

I asked my readers on Facebook what they are watching on Netflix that they would recommend and the answers I got were great. I am going to share with you what I am currently watching and then I will share my readers answers.

What I am watching :

Pretty Little Liars, I am obsessed! I binge watched the first 5 seasons and now it is killing me having to wait a week for each episode but it is so worth it!

Once Upon A Time, oh I love this it's all of the fairy tales rolled into one. If you like fantasy you will love this.

Between, this was only recently added to Netflix there are only 6 episodes so far but it is very engaging I couldn't believe it when I had no more episodes, I NEED to know what happens next!

The Returned, I have only watched the first few episodes so far but I am very intrigued and look forward to watching more, really interesting storyline.

Bates Motel, if you like a thriller with a side of creepy you will love this.

Charmed, I am reliving my teens and rewatching this from the very beginning and I absolutely love it.

Fringe, I started watching this when it was first on the telly but I got a bit lost and never picked it up again so we have been rewatching it from the start. It's really good (especially if you are into scifi) but you have to keep up with it, being able to binge watch really helps.

Sharknado 2, for the absolute fun of it, I love the Sharknado movies I think they are hilarious so I watched this before the premier of the new one.

So that's what I am watching at the moment, my girls absolutely love Ever After High, they really want more episodes and they have been enjoying DreamWorks Dragons Race to the Edge.

What my readers are watching :

Sinead "Just finished House of Cards (there are no words!!) and now onto the first season of Lie To Me which I'm loving at the moment!"
She also says her 6 year old son recommends Horrid Henry and Lego Ninjago.

Aisling "Community is one of the best shows on Netflix in my opinion"

Claire "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It's my happy place. Extremely funny from Kimmy's dated references to Jacqueline's inability to understand life without privilege it just cracks me up non stop."

Orla "I'm a Once Upon A Time lover"

Louise "I started watching Rita. It's a Danish show so there are subtitles. But I'm really enjoying it for something a little different."

Steph "I'm watching Person of Interest at the mo. It's really good! Great characters with an even better storyline, with plenty of action thrown in. Really enjoying it!"

Rachael "I'm watching Once Upon A Time and Pretty Little Liars."

Eimear "I've just recently finished Bloodline & thought it was great. We're watching The Killing too which is very good. Peaky Blinders is another great one."

Edel "The Killing was great. Watching Damages at the mo so far very interesting. Good Wife brilliant."

I now have a lot more to add to my list, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who gave me their recommendations.

What are you watching on Netflix?

Penneys (Primark) Birthday Haul

I got a little bit of money for my birthday from family so I did the obvious thing and went to Penneys (Primark) as I haven't been in a few months and I was having serious withdrawals. I was very happy with what I got and wanted to share it with you all.

So first up I have been sorting out my blogging/beauty area of the bedroom and I wanted some storage boxes for my makeup and beauty products to put on the shelves. I spotted this set of wicker baskets and thought they would look nice. It was €8 for the pair of them and they fit perfectly on the shelves with plenty of room to fill them full of products.

While I was down near the home wares I came across the stationery and being the good blogger that I am I had to pick up a new notebook (you can never have too many notebooks ever!), I thought his one was really funky and I like the protective sleeve on it. This was only €3.30 and I got a matching set of pushpins for €2.50 to use on my mood/inspo/memory (I don't know what to call it) board.

Then onto the clothes and being a fan of emojis I just couldn't pass up on this emoji t-shirt it's just awesome and was €8. It's very comfy too, more fitted then I thought it would be (but I don't mind fitted), if you want it oversized though go a size up.

I couldn't pass up on the infamous blogger t-shirt when I came across it and I will totally wear this out of the house, it's really comfy, nice and loose (again though depends on how oversized you want it, if I just wanted to wear it at home I would go a size up) it will go nicely with skinnies or leggings. This was €6 and is a must for all bloggers.

I wasn't looking for anything summery as the weather just isn't worth it and I was loving the kind of grungy loose comfortable tops they had to offer. I love this green top, it's 3/4 length sleeves are perfect for coming into autumn and it has a nice zip detail on the back. This was €10 and it came it a cream colour too.

I also loved this striped oversized top, the sleeves on this are 3/4 length too but they are fitted while the rest of the top is loose, very funky and comfortable, suits my style and was only €8.

I couldn't find a single pair of black leggings in a size 12 in the whole shop so I picked up these ones in charcoal grey for €4, they are really comfy.

Lastly I wanted something comfy on my feet that wasn't pumps or canvas shoes and it's a little bit early for new boots so I picked up these grey high tops for €15. They are comfy and have a nice zip detail on them and I love the light grey colour. They will go nicely with my skinnies or leggings and one of the tops for a casual and comfortable look that's perfect for going out for a coffee or taking the kids to the park.

There were so many other nice bits in stock, I am loving all the autumn/winter pieces that are popping up. I have my eye on a few more tops, cardis and boots so I will have to make another trip up for my winter wardrobe.

Have you spotted anything you like?

Monday, 27 July 2015

Heatons Kids Clothes Haul

Heatons had a sale on so I picked up a few bits for the girls.

For Ella :

Rainy Day Pj's, I had been eyeing these for ages so was delighted to see them in the sale, perfectly suited to this weather too, €5

Cute cat t-shirt that suits her down to the ground only €3

Pretty flower leggings €4

A sporty dress for just €3

A pair of lilac joggers €5

For Abigail :

Sundae pj's, again I had been eyeing these, got them for €6

A flamingo tshirt, love the colour, €3

Two pairs of leggings, navy €4, grey €3

A pair of pink joggers €5

And a new bag for school that came with a pencil case, only €10

I also picked up these Marie Claire tights for myself, with the crappy weather it's handy to have a pair there, I always get these ones as they are the barely there with the sandal toe, €6

So that was our mini Heatons haul, have you spotted anything you like?

Saturday, 25 July 2015

My Birthday

It was my birthday on Thursday and I turned 29, I am now in the last year of my twenties and I intend on making the most of it. Being 28 was a great year for me, I tried lots of new things and I learnt a lot about myself, I hope to continue on in the same vein.

I had a great day on my birthday but the celebrations actually started last week when I went to a Galway with the kids to stay with my Aunty Gwen. On the Friday my sisters came over to mind the girls and myself and Gwen went out into Galway. We had dinner at Cactus Jacks and it was so good, I had a Mojito for my starter (sure it was a birthday dinner after all), I have never really had cocktails before so this year I want to sample them all! I liked it, it was nice and went well with my Quesadillas but it was very strong so I didn't drink much as I knew we would be spending the night on our feet and I didn't want to end up on my flat on my face lol.

I had the Quesadillas which tasted so good and Gwen had tapas. We shared an apple and berry tart for dessert, we were both very full. Afterwards we made our way to the Big Top to see Kodaline, it was set up as part of the Galway Arts Festival. I saw Kodaline last year at the Kings of Leon concert and they were really good so I was very happy to see them again. A band called The Academic were up first, I had never heard of them before but they were really good, I liked their songs and they did a great cover of Whitney Houston "I Will Always Love You" at the end.

There was a bit of a wait while Kodaline set up and then they kicked off and everyone was dancing and singing along, they were amazing and we had a great night. On the walk back to the car we made the obligatory pit stop into Supermacs for some chips.

On Saturday we had planned to go out for a picnic but it was raining out so instead we made some indoor s'mores then surprised the girls with a trip to the cinema to see the Minion movie. They were delighted and it was very funny so we all enjoyed it. We were all so tired afterwards so there was no way we were cooking, a pizza party was had for dinner and it was so good! Once the girls went to bed myself and Gwen watched a movie and went to bed early ourselves.

We were up early Sunday morning to go and visit family before driving to Dublin to have Sunday dinner in my Nannies. You just can't beat a Sunday dinner in your Nannies especially when there is dessert. After that then we drove back to Wicklow were completely shattered we just panned out for the evening.

On Thursday then I woke up early enough, as I was making coffee the girls came running down the stairs with cards they had made and managed to hide from me, it was so sweet and made my morning. We had a lovely day, after chilling for the morning I got my face on, got the girls ready and we went out for the afternoon. We got chips and ate them down by the ducks then we walked out to the lighthouse for a little adventure with their new Lottie Dolls (more on that later). We sat on the beach and watched the waves roll in and the girls were throwing pebbles in to see how far they could go. We picked up some goodies and cake then went home and watched the movie Home, I loved it,so did the girls of course. We were so full of goodies we decided to leave the cake for the next day (I had it for breakfast lol). It was a fab day and made better by the fact that Sharknado 3 aired that night on SyFy, I love Sharknado it's so bad it's good haha, makes me laugh.

So that was my fabulous birthday, thanks to everyone who sang happy birthday over snapchat, sent me lovely snaps and messages it made my day. And thanks to my awesome friend Danielle from LilliWhiteRose for the fab pressies that came in the post :)

Friday, 24 July 2015

MeMeMe Arch Angel Brow

The more I get into makeup and trying new products the more I learn and one thing I have learnt for sure is that your makeup isn't complete until your eyebrows are done. I have never really bothered with them before but after doing them once and loving the results I will never leave them again. I was delighted then to be sent the Arch Angel Brow by MeMeMe Cosmetics, thanks to the lovely ladies at RDC Dublin.

MeMeMe's Arch Angel is a tinted Brow gel and highlighting cream used to shape and define your brows.

I had never used any MeMeMe products before and first impressions I thought the packaging was beautiful, for something so affordable it looked really good. The product itself is double ended so on one end you have the brow gel on a little mascara type brush and on the other end is the highlighter.

Having only ever used a pencil or a brow kit to fill my brows I wasn't sure how to go about it but I found it very easy to apply and it gave texture to my brows. It didn't feel in any way heavy or clumpy it went on very easily and I just dabbed off any excess with a cotton pad and fluffed them up with a brow brush.

I absolutely loved the highlighter. I only discovered the joys of highlighting this year and this one is so nice. It's creamy and goes on easily helping to define the brow line, I adore this!

The Arch Angel Brow is available in Light Brown and Dark Brown, now I have the light and it has been grand as its summer so my hair is a bit lighter but I do prefer a darker brow especially when I freshen up my colour so I think I will have to pick up the dark brown too. This before and after was my first attempt at using it, I got better each time with the application.

MeMeMe Cosmetics are available in pharmacies nationwide and the RRP of the Arch Angel Brow is €10.50 which I think is a great price.

Just look at the definition that highlighter gives! And I love that my eyebrows still look natural and not drawn on. Very pleased with this product and happy to say I have more MeMeMe products that I will be featuring on the blog soon.

Keep up with MeMeMe on their Facebook and Twitter.

(Disclosure : I was sent this product for the purpose of a review, all opinions are my own and I am not paid to give them.)